Special goods:


sealing with a Nano technology product :

A single-component product with an acid drying system that is used for a wide range of sealing and glass cutting applications. This sealant is suitable for unpredictable surfaces of common building materials. This product is very strong sealing to prevent air passing through the distances and vents in the door and window construction, based on nanotechnology.

Sealing the facade without damage to the surface :

Izo400 neutral silicon is odorless that has been produced and for a wide range of fittings and seals. Special properties of this sealant include high adhesion strength to building materials, no corrosion at the surface and no odor. it is based on USA Dow Corning formula and no impurities have been added to its chemical formula

RTV Silicon

RTV silicon is suitable for preventing leakage and sealing of the vent. This sealant reacts in the presence of humidity and provides a highly reactive and highly bonded connection. Features: 1) Excellent heat resistance up to 300+ degrees Celsius 2) 100 percent silicon RTV 3) High drying rate and high adhesion strength 4) Resilient elasticity at very low and very high temperatures (50- + 300+ degrees) C) 5) Without cracking and reducing volume 6) Resistant to mechanical stresses 7) Single-component and has a smell of vinegar when dry.